Make a Difference

Plant a Tree

With Every E-bike Sold


Everyone has a
part to play in protecting our enviroment, and that’s why we have taken the
initiative to help reduce the carbon footprint. Along with introducing our new lineup
of premium electric bikes that produce zero emissions, we will also be planting
a tree for every ebike sold.

Our company
started out with the vision to create transportation options that don't rely on
fossil fuels. Since people already rely on oil in nearly every aspect of their life, we wanted to create something that wouldn't
have as big of an impact on the environment.

'Our focus is to
create a big impact by including several corporate social responsibility
initiatives within our business. We want our customers to know that they are
making an impact by choosing electric riding, which is why we are pledging to
plant a tree with every e-bike sold" – Founders

Playing our part in the fight
against global warming

The biggest
advantage of our electric bikes is that it allows you to significantly reduce
your carbon footprint. You can contribute to minimizing greenhouse gas
emissions by relying completely on electricity.

The Pledge to Plant a Tree on
Every Bike Sold

Although we
cannot reduce the impact that years of reliance on fossil fuels have had on the
planet. We want to do our part in preserving this beautiful world of ours. We
will be planting a tree for every bike that we sell to make sure that the
planet continues to thrive.


Everyone has a
part to play in reducing their carbon emissions, to make the earth a more
inhabitable place to live. While we do manufacture some of the most efficient e-bikes
in the market, we understand that we have to do more, which is why we are also
planting a tree with each bike that we sell.