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Ridely Rider

Ordered this a few weeks back and had my sun set it up for me which took him less than half an hour.
I use it every day now.
Especially like it when it's pedal assisting, because I can do my cardio but it releases alot of the pressure

Such an Awesome Bike - Use it everyday

Just got a couple of cruisers for me and my wife, absolutley love it. We both literally use it every day.

Good Value

I have to say compared to the prices I've seen out there this is Definity great value for the price point. My second e-bike and this one tops the others.
The bike is strong and feels very premium.

Great Experience

I bought this for my grandson who just turned 18, he loves it! The ordering process was hassle free, no issues. Thank you!

Perfect Commuter Bike

I have been using this everyday since it was delivered. I have officially sold my car and joined the e-bike community. This foldable feature is also very useful, if and when I have to take the train. Looking forward to using it for more leisure activities as well. Smooth bike, cant recommend enough.

Ridely Cruiser
Manny E.
What a Ride!

This E-bike changed my life completely. I went from being 0% physically active to always taking this out for both errands and for fun. The battery is great, the light fixture in the front is super convenient at night too.

Ridely Beast
Kate L.
Supreme Quality

What a masterpiece! I can get through anything with this bike. Also I really love the plant a tree initiative :)

Dope Ride

I get stopped every time I am riding this. It's a really good looking bike. Super high quality. The camera is really nice and battery last for a great deal of time.

We are loving the rides

My husband and I purchased 2 of these and we have been riding them all summer. We are on the older side so really anyone can do it! Highly recommend. The shopping experience was also 10/10.

Ridely Beast
Matt M.
Classic Design and build

I really like this e-bike, when searching the market all these bikes look so extra and poorly designed. I really like this all black look with the focus being solely on the features . The bike is so strong its taken me through some very rough terrains.

Ridely Beast
Jordan J.
Beast of a bike

It is what it is, a BEAST! Love this bike, and having so much fun with it.

Beautifully Designed

The construction of this bike is a beaty. Just WOW! It's very nice. Paint job is great and for a smaller bike it is still pretty hefty.
Very thrilled with this purchase!

Ridely Classic
Chris P.
Solid Bike

I am pretty satisfied with this purchase. I was not a huge fan of putting it together. It came half set-up though. Shipping time was fast and pretty easy.

Good E-bike

Pretty decent electric bike, wish is came with a basket though.

Officially a Biker Mom

For a mom who does not enjoy much physical activity, I have been absolutely loving this e-bike. Also the delivery was super fast which is also a plus.

Ridely Classic
Bennion S.
Perfect for so many rides

I have a few e-bikes and by far this is the one I reach for. It's both comfortable and easy to ride. I use it for both commuting and for leisure.

Ridely Cruiser
Jerry V.
10/10 experience

I am so impressed with this bike. From how easy it was to make a purchase to how fast it showed up and how quick their team was to respond to my inquiries. My favorite feature of this bike is the screen, it makes riding so much better. The bike all in all looks so good!

Ridely Cruiser
Adam Sandwich
Great Investment

Great investment, I use this bike on so many occasions. I really enjoy taking it to the beach, it even rides in the sand which is pretty cool.

Nice Versatile Bike

This bike is so versatile, I'm using it for many outings, like long rides, rough dirt roads etc. One thing I didn't like was setting it up. It came semi-assembled but I would of rather had it fully ready to go or have someone put it together on the spot. Overall though, great bike.

Great quality e-bike

I love this bike, I was comparing it to a lot others and I'm glad I saved a few hundred dollars and still got a great e-bike.

Love it!

I purchased the Ridely Rider and it came right to my door in just a few days. It was semi set-up so only took me a few minutes to get the rest together. Love it!

Ridely Cruiser
Worth the investment

I'm obsessed with my e-bike, I always get compliments on it everytime I'm riding it. Totally worth the investment.

Ridely Beast
Sarah Smith
Awesome e-bike

Awesome E-bike. Rides so smooth and you can even remove the battery and charge separately.

Perfect for off-Roading and rough rides

This bike is so cool and sleek. highly recommend if you are an off-roader and like to ride in rough terrains. It's literally called the Beast for a reason.

Great Purchase!

I bought my son who is in college the Cruiser model and he loves it. He takes it to class and also uses it to get around his campus. It's perfect.